TwinCAT PLC Lib: M-Bus


Please note: These function-blocks will only show a selection of the common device-information. A detailed description of this information can be found on the particular pages under "VAR_OUT". If more or all data is needed, the following function-blocks can be used: FB_MBUS_General, FB_MBUS_General_Ext or FB_MBUS_General_Param from the folder General. Please note, that these function-blocks will not work on BC- and BX-Systems. In order to send data to a device (e.g. setting the primary address), the function-block FB_MBUS_General_Send can be used.

Manufacturer Type Device Block
General Communication with KL6781 FB_MBUSKL6781
General Electricity meter all electricity meter FB_MBUS_General_Electricity
Heat meter all heat meter FB_MBUS_General_Heat
Water meter all water meter FB_MBUS_General_Water
Raw data all FB_MBUS_RawData
max. 40 values from the first telegram all FB_MBUS_General
all telegrams, all values all FB_MBUS_General_Ext
parameterized values all FB_MBUS_General_Param
universal send all FB_MBUS_General_Send
Scan M-Bus all FB_MBUS_Scan
Change address all FB_MBUS_ChangeAdr
ABB Electricity meter DELTAplus DZ+ FB_MBUS_ABB_DZ
Actaris Heat meter CF-Echo II FB_MBUS_ACW_CF
Heat calculator CF-51 FB_MBUS_ACW_CF
Heat calculator CF-55 FB_MBUS_ACW_CF
Water meter MB +M FB_MBUS_ACW_PlusM
Aquametro Water meter SAPHIR FB_MBUS_AMT_SAPHIR
Heat meter CALEC ST, version C4 FB_MBUS_AMT_CALEC_STC4
Heat meter AMTRON SONIC D FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky, FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky_00
Berg Electricity meter DZ+ FB_MBUS_BEC_DZ
Electricity meter DCMi FB_MBUS_BEC_DCMi
Brunata Heat meter HGQ / HGS FB_MBUS_BHG_HGx
Heat meter Optuna H (775) FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky, FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky_00
Carlo Gavazzi Energy calculator EM24 FB_MBUS_GAV_EM24
Cynox Pulse counter MCount2C FB_MBUS_CYN_MCount2C
Elster Gas meter Encoder Z6 FB_MBUS_ELS_EncoderZ6
elvaco Temperature and humidity sensor CMa10 & CMa20 FB_MBUS_ELV_CMa10_20
EMH Electricity meter DIZ FB_MBUS_EMH_DIZ
Electricity meter EIZ-E FB_MBUS_EMH_EIZE
Electricity meter EIZ-G FB_MBUS_EMH_EIZG
Electricity meter MIZ FB_MBUS_EMH_MIZ
EMU Electricity meter EMU32x7 FB_MBUS_EMU_32x7
Electricity meter EMU32x7 FB_MBUS_EMU_32x7_Option8
Electricity meter Allrounder 3/5 FB_MBUS_EMU_3_5_Allrounder
Electricity meter DHZ 5/63 FB_MBUS_EMU_DHZ_5_63
Engelmann Heat meter SENSOSTAR 2C FB_MBUS_EFE_SensoStar2C
Gossen Metrawatt Electricity meter U128x FB_MBUS_GMC_Electricity
Electricity meter U138x FB_MBUS_GMC_Electricity
GWF Water meter FB_MBUS_GWF_Coder
Gas meter S1 FB_MBUS_GWF_Coder
Gas meter Z1 FB_MBUS_GWF_Coder
Hydrometer 2 pulse inputs HYDRO-PORT Pulse FB_MBUS_HYD_PortPulse
2 analog inputs 1 temperature sensor HYDRO-PORT Analog FB_MBUS_HYD_PortAnalog
Water meter Flypper FB_MBUS_HYD_Flypper
Heat meter Sharky 773 FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky, FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky_00
Heat meter Sharky 775 FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky, FB_MBUS_HYD_Sharky_00
ista Water meter domaqua® m FB_MBUS_IST_Istameter
Water meter istameter® m FB_MBUS_IST_Istameter
Water meter istameter III FB_MBUS_IST_IstameterIII
Pulse input pulsonic II FB_MBUS_IST_PulsonicII
Heat meter sensonic II FB_MBUS_IST_SensonicII
Itron Energy meter Integral-V UltraLite FB_MBUS_ITR_IntegralVUltraLite
Janitza Electricity meter UMG96S FB_MBUS_JAN_UMG96S
Kamstrup Electricity meter Kamstrup 162 FB_MBUS_KAM_KamstrupE
Electricity meter Kamstrup 351 FB_MBUS_KAM_KamstrupE
Electricity meter Kamstrup 382 FB_MBUS_KAM_KamstrupE
Heat/cold meter Maxical III FB_MBUS_KAM_Maxical_III
Heat/cold meter Multical 401 FB_MBUS_KAM_Multical
Heat/cold meter Multical 402 FB_MBUS_KAM_Multical402
Water meter Multical 41 FB_MBUS_KAM_Multical41
Heat/cold meter Multical 601 FB_MBUS_KAM_Multical601
KUNDO Heat/cold meter Compact WMZ G20 FB_MBUS_KST_G20
Heat/cold meter Compact WMZ G21 FB_MBUS_KST_G20
External M-Bus module him1s FB_MBUS_KST_him1
External M-Bus module him1plus FB_MBUS_KST_him1
Pulse input him1plus FB_MBUS_KST_him1Puls
Landis & Gyr Heat/cold meter ULTRAHEAT 2WR5 FB_MBUS_LUG_Heat
Heat/cold meter ULTRAHEAT 2WR6 FB_MBUS_LUG_Heat
Heat/cold meter ULTRAHEAT UH50 FB_MBUS_LUG_Heat
Metrima Heat meter F22 (standard values) FB_MBUS_SVM_F22
Heat meter F22 (with additional output values) FB_MBUS_SVM_F22_Ext
NZR Electricity meter EcoCount „S“ FB_MBUS_TIP_SINUS85M
Pulse memory module IC-M2 FB_MBUS_NZR_ICM2
Pulse memory module IC-M2C FB_MBUS_NZR_ICM2
Water meter Modularis 2 FB_MBUS_NZR_Modularis2
OPTEC Electricity meter ECS Typ 2 FB_MBUS_OPT_ECSType2
Relay 1-4 analog inputs AnDi 1-4 FB_MBUS_REL_AnDi
4 digital inputs PadIn 4 FB_MBUS_REL_PadIn4
1-way pulse adapter PadPuls M1 FB_MBUS_REL_PadPulsM1
1-way pulse adapter PadPuls M1C FB_MBUS_REL_PadPulsM1
2-way pulse adapter PadPuls M2 FB_MBUS_REL_PadPulsM2
2-way pulse adapter PadPuls M2C FB_MBUS_REL_PadPulsM2
4-way pulse adapter PadPuls M4 FB_MBUS_REL_PadPulsM4
4-way pulse adapter PadPuls M4L FB_MBUS_REL_PadPulsM4
Saia-Burgess Electricity meter ALD1 FB_MBUS_SBC_ALD1
Electricity meter ALE3 FB_MBUS_SBC_ALE3
Electricity meter AWD3 FB_MBUS_SBC_ALE3
SANEXT Heat/cold meter Sanext Combi FB_MBUS_ZRM_zelsiusZR
Schlumberger Heat meter Integral-Mk MaXX FB_MBUS_SLB_MK_MaXX
Heat meter CF Echo I FB_MBUS_SLB_CFEchoI
Schneider Electric Electricity meter iEM3135 FB_MBUS_SEC_iEM3135
Sensus Heat/cold meter PolluStat E FB_MBUS_SEN_Pollu
Heat/cold meter PolluTherm FB_MBUS_SEN_Pollu
Heat/cold meter PolluCom E FB_MBUS_SEN_Pollu
Water meter FB_MBUS_SEN_Water
Sontex Heat/cold meter Supercal 531 (standard values) FB_MBUS_SON_Supercal531
TIP Electricity meter SINUS 85 M FB_MBUS_TIP_SINUS85M
Zenner Energy calculator multidataWR3 FB_MBUS_ZRM_multidataWR3
Heat/cold meter zelsiusZR FB_MBUS_ZRM_zelsiusZR